Working Christmas Day

by The Wind-up Birds



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Recorded by Nathan and Liam from Moody Gowns.

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Working Christmas Day

No buses
No trains
Fifty quid in a taxi
And the taxi driver’s got some good Christmas banter for me
I smile politely
Its raining
Not snowing obviously
And I’ve got a
I’ve got a
I’ve got a twelve hour shift ahead of me
Lucky me

Working Christmas Day
Its not just another day
They’ve laid on some buns
The decor says fun
But there’s no fun to be had
I’m not sad
Just vacant
Working Christmas Day
Someone’s put a CD on
Of Christmas songs
Maybe its “Now Christmas”
I like that Pogues one

I said that’s how my shift fell
And there was no choice
‘Cause I’d used all my holidays up by November
But that wasn’t quite true
But I will never tell you
I’d volunteered to work it ages ago
Yeah I know

Working Christmas Day
Its just another day
Its double time I suppose
But most of that goes on the taxi to get here
Working Christmas Day
I’m not that keen on “Driving Home For Christmas” by Chris Rea

I couldn’t face Christmas Day
And the dinner
Or the people in particular
So we both agreed we’d make Bank Holiday Monday Christmas Day instead
But it won’t be the same
You said “It won’t be the same”
And I said (quietly) “Good”

Working Christmas Day
I forgot my packed lunch and all the shops are shut
But there are tins of chocolates provided by the bosses
So that’s my dinner right there
Working Christmas Day
Or Saviour’s Day
As Cliff calls it in his number one from 1990

We’ll have a party right here
Lets’s do the show right here
We’ll have the party right here
We’ll do the show...etc


released November 28, 2011



all rights reserved


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